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SIG - Signature Investment Group is an independent global investment firm specializing in real estate development for over 35 years. From offices in New York, Europe, and Israel, SIG catapulted its value, across the globe providing comprehensive services designed to achieve successful acquisition, financing, development and management services of various investments.

Presently, SIG owns and operates 42 subsidiaries with over five million square meters of commercial properties and over three million square meters of residential properties, hotels, government housing, gasoline service stations, a chain of pharmacies and shopping centers. To add to its unique portfolio, SIG also owns and operates an engineering company, Gadish Engineering and Projects Management, One of the Israelis leading engineering companies, with approximately one hundred engineers on staff.Among its projects are Santiago calatrava Jerusalem Chords bridge, Ramon international airport in Timna. SIG differentiates itself, among its competitors, with a balanced portfolio of investments and innovative services. Its expert team has a cutting edge approach to creating profitable opportunities and developing customized solutions to achieve high market yields through risk minimization and profit maximization. Through horizontal and vertical analysis, SIG’s multidisciplinary team developed a creative and efficient strategy for mergers acquisitions, and resourceful management.



SIG Team

The SIG team is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who collectively offer a wealth of experience and expertise in all areas of real estate development. The team's expertise and progressive vision allow it to be flexible and responsive to a wide variety of investment opportunities. The SIG team's ability to carry out the entire development process under one roof from acquisition to design, construction, leasing, and management, enables SIG to effectively and expeditiously evaluate opportunities in an environment where timing is often critical.

Efe Shurka

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Efe Shurka, Chairman and member of the Board of Directors of SIG, established the company in New York in 1980. Efe Shurka overseas all of SIG's operations in New York, Israel, and Europe from the acquisition to the management stage of each venture. He plays a crucial role in assuring that objectives are achieved.

Over the years, his ability to strategize towards developing revenue by generating investments to yielding exceptionally high marketplace returns is the driving force behind SIG's success.  His exceptional vision, attention to detail, and ability to devise unique solutions to complex transactions has earned him his sterling reputation.

Originally, Efe Shurka established SIG as an investment group specializing in the oil and real estate industries.  As a developer, he immersed himself in the architectural, engineering, design and construction of each project in his general contracting firm. Before long, Efe Shurka expanded SIG's realm of investments to other fields, such as engineering, transportation, fast-food, and medica facilitiesl.

In 2003, Efe Shurka led the expansion of SIG from a national to an international investment group by joining forces with various partners in Israel and Europe.

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