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A global real estate firm

Signature Investment Group is an international real estate firm established nearly forty years ago. Headquartered in New York, our firm now holds assets across the United States, Israel and Europe. SIG specializes in investing, developing and managing a wide ranged portfolio with emphasis on the highest quality commercial real estate, while also spanning residential and mixed-use real estate. Presently, gross investments represent over fifty million square feet of global real estate, including, but not limited to, hotels, pharmacies, auto service shops, quick service restaurants, shopping centers, residential towers, and more.

Having established roots in the transportation industry, SIG spurred its growth by continued investments and command of new markets such as commercial oil trade, high-tech, and medical facilities, which were ultimately coupled with real estate. Over decades of growth and achievement, Signature Investment Group has proudly maintained its passion and reputation for prudent investing and continued success.


The SIG Israel portfolio includes Gadish Group Engineering & Management, the country's largest engineering and construction consulting firm. While Gadish undertakes hundreds of prestigious projects every year, most notable works include Mann-Shinar’s Ramon Airport, Israel’s newest international airport, and Santiago Calatrava’s Jerusalem Chords Bridge, showcased here in our website background.

For more information on Gadish and SIG Israel's latest developments, please click here.

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