Our team

Our expert and diverse team has a cutting edge approach to creating profitable opportunities and developing customized solutions to achieve high market yields through risk minimization and profit maximization. Through horizontal and vertical analysis, SIG’s multidisciplinary team developed a creative and efficient strategy for mergers, acquisitions, and resourceful management.

Efe Shurka established SIG in New York in 1980, and almost forty years later continues to play a crucial role in SIG, overseeing all projects across the globe, from acquisition to the management stage of each venture. His ability to strategize investments in order to yield exceptionally high marketplace returns is the driving force behind SIG's success. Exceptional vision, dedication, attention to detail, and ability to devise unique solutions to complex transactions has earned him his sterling reputation.

Mr. Shurka grew SIG from a single property in Brooklyn, New York, to an international firm, spanning many different industries. In 2003, Mr. Shurka led the expansion of SIG from a national to an international investment group by joining forces with various partners in Israel and Europe.


Efe Shurka

Manny Shurka joined SIG at its inception and has remained a significant figure in the company ever since. As President of the USA division and a hands on leader who personally oversees all operations beneath him, Mr. Shurka is in many ways the face of the SIG. Mr. Shurka’s extensive knowledge and years of experience help SIG drastically expedite the process of planning, design, construction, environmental remediation and maintenance of all projects and properties.

Mr. Shurka played an essential role in SIG's initial expansion into other industries such as wholesale oil, car washes, medical facilities, shopping centers, and more. His direct style of business and strong interpersonal communication skills allow for accelerated operations, consistent achievements, and increased revenues for SIG.


Manny Shurka

Dr. Esther Zernitsky has successfully managed the financial affairs of SIG since 1986. She oversees all treasury operations, tax concerns, and critical elements of the budget process while tracking and reporting all financial transactions. Her financial innovations and achievements at Signature Investment Group awarded Dr. Zernitsky honorable mention in The Heritage Registry of Who's Who 2007 - 2008.

Prior to joining SIG, Dr. Esther Zernitsky was a senior lecturer at Haifa University, Israel, where her studies would go on to be published extensively and frequently cited by academics. As a highly respected figure in her field, Dr. Zernitsky would frequently lecture at symposiums around the world. The skills developed as an internationally renowned figure are what allow her to be such a successful addition to SIG. Dr. Zernitsky earned a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Counseling from New York University and a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Psychology from Bar-Ilan University, Israel.


Dr. Esther Zernitsky

General Avigdor Kahalani has seen incredible success as a soldier, politician and author, making him an invaluable member of SIG. He served as Deputy Mayor of Tel-Aviv, Chairman of Friends of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and was elected to the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) as a member of the Labor Party, where he was appointed Minister of Homeland Security.

During his IDF service, General Kahalani commanded the 97th Battalion and 77th Battalion, where he received the “Medal of Distinguished Service," and the highest Israeli military decoration, the “Medal of Valor," respectively, for his actions on the battlefield, including the selfless defense of the Golan Heights during the Yom Kippur War. In 2014, he received the “President’s Medal” for his courage, leadership and long-standing contribution to Israel’s security.

General Kahalani earned a B.A. from Tel Aviv University and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Haifa University.

Books written by General Avigdor Kahalani: “77 OZ”, “A Warrior’s Way”, “The Power of Truth”, “I Swear” and “Lee House.”


General Avigdor Kahalani

Dr. Zvi Tziklik earned a B.Sc. degree in Engineering, Industrial Management, a M.Sc. and Doctorate Degrees in Civil Engineering and Construction Management from the Technion University in Israel. Dr. Tziklik is a senior lecturer in subjects relating to civil engineering and construction management. He also served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) from 1970-1975 and completed his military service as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Highlights from Dr. Zvi Tziklik's extensive resume include integrator for the establishment of the Israeli Air Force Airport, the Israeli Navy Shipyard, involvement in the planning and coordinating of several hospitals, the Kibutz Ein Hamifratz Shopping Center, and various classified buildings and projects for security of the Israeli government.

Dr. Zvi Tziklik also chairs the engineering department of the Egis Team, appointed by the State of Israel to audit the operations of the Tel Aviv Light Rail, alongside the Legal Claims Center for the Jerusalem Light Rail.


Dr. Zvi Ziklik

General Haim Barak started his career at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, where he graduated with degrees in Economics and Business Administration. After completing his active service in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), General Haim Barak went on to serve as the CEO for Omnitech in the Team-Computers and Trans-Technica Technology divisions.

In recent years, General Barak has overseen major works in Israel, like the establishment of the Carmel Tunnels (a new highway dug into Mount Carmel) and the construction of new campuses for the Defense Ministry and IDF, which included the drastic transfer of major IDF campuses from the center of Israel to the Negev (in the south of Israel). General Haim Barak is currently the project manager for "Pumped Storage," Israel's newest Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Gilboa, on behalf of the Electra Group.


General Haim Barak

Nir Rebiner is a graduate of studies in Directors and Officers in Construction and Infrastructure. Since 2005, Nir Rebiner has served as a Field Manager for the Israeli Division of SIG, utilizing his twenty five years of experience in field management and operation oversight. 

Nir Rebiner supervises and manages approximately one thousand residential units, office buildings, shopping centers, department stores and much more for SIG.


Nir Rebiner

Orlon Tayar joined SIG in 2009 as the Head of Public Relations. She represents SIG's interests in both the public and private sector. Orlon's work has greatly assisted advancing various projects for the company, and her achievements can be seen through SIG Israel's rapid and robust expansion.

Orlon also works with humanitarian organizations to continuously find SIG new charitable opportunities everywhere the company operates, constantly working to fill SIG's corporate responsibility.

Her work has grown SIG's image and enhanced a culture of professionalism, responsibility, efficiency and success.


Orlon Tayar